Yvette Davis - Freelance Writer

Writer's Biography

Yvette Davis is the co-author of Web Geek's Guide to Google Chrome, published in 2009 by Que, and served as Technical Editor for Jerri Ledford's book,  Google Powered: Productivity with Online Tools (published by Wiley, Jan. 2007).

When she's not writing or editing technical books, Yvette helps small and large businesses expand their client base, train employees, and communicate effectively with consumers and other businesses. with: 

 Corporate documentation     
 Annual Reports

 Employee training materials   
 Business Proposals

                                     Policy and procedure manuals                                          

 Quick Start Cards

 Web articles                                                                          

 Promotional materials of all types

She is well versed in translating "geek speak" so the average use can understand.

In addition, Yvette is an accomplished article writer, with over 300 articles in print magazines and on the web.

Yvette is also the Managing Editor for the Google Channel on Brighthub.com, and she attends Clayton College of Natural Health, where she is pursuing a Master Herbalist Certificate and BS in Natural Health.

You can contact Yvette for a quote or general information by email: yvette.d.davis@gmail.com

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